Class Legend
Preschool - Kinder
Level 1
Level 2 | Superstar/Co-Star Co.
Level 3 | Guest Star Co.
Level 4 | Producer Co.
Bold: Closed company rehearsals
ABAndie Boardman
DMDestiny Micek
HFHailey Flowers
JMJohnna McGuire (Clark)
JNJordan Neil Clark
JSJesus Solorio
KCKelsey Cajas
KFKerri Frederick
SPSophie Pedigo
TETahirih Ellison
YMYvette Madrigal
Monthly Dance Fees
$70/month1 class/week
$1302 classes
$1753 classes
$2154 classes
$2505 classes
$2756 classes
+$20additional class
asterisk classes: prices in footnotes
$35 Annual Registration Fee
Studio 1
Studio 2
Studio 3
**IMPORTANT NOTE: For classes with asterisk(s), please view footnotes for additional information.**
3:30-4:15pmJazz & J/T 2*TEStretch & ConditioningKFWarm-Up (4-4:15)
4:15-5:00pmBallet 4KFGS Jazz: Click ClackKC
5:00-5:45pmTap 3KCBallet 2KFJazz & J/T 4*TE
5:45-6:30pmSS Jazz: TribeKCBallet 3KF
6:30-7:15pmCS Jazz: Google MeKCPr Open: Burning Down the HouseTEContemp/Lyrical 3KF
7:15-8:00pmPr Jazz: Seven Nation ArmyKCGS Open: NinjaTE
8:00-8:45pmPr Open: So GoodTE
Studio 1
Studio 2
Studio 3
2:45-3:30pmDPAC Dolls (3-5 yrs) YM
3:30-4:15pmTap 1JMPre-pointe/PointeYMTap 2KC
4:15-5:00pmBallet 1YMPr Tap: The Time is NowKCTap Prod: We Will Rock YouJM
5:00-5:45pmHip Hop 1ABTap 4KCContemp/Lyrical 2SP
5:45-6:30pmHip Hop 3HFHip Hop 2ABHip Hop 4SP
6:30-7:15pmHip Hop Prod: BeullerJN/HF
7:15-8:00pmContemp/Lyrical 4ABGS MT: Lights, Camera, CUT!JN
Studio 1
Studio 2
Studio 3
2:00-2:45pmDPAC Dolls (2-3 yrs)YM
2:45-3:30pmDPAC Dolls (4-5 yrs)YMWarm-Up (3:15-3:30)
3:30-4:15pmBallet 1YMBallet 2KFJazz & J/T 3*HF
4:15-5:00pmContemp/Lyrical 1YMBallet 4 (arrive warm)KF
5:00-5:45pmJazz, Jumps & Turns 1HFBallet 3KFStretch & ConditioningSP
5:45-6:30pmBallet 1-2YMCS Lyrical: Million DreamsKFPr Contemp: The ChangeHF
6:30-7:15pmPr Lyrical: He's My SonHF
Studio 1
Studio 2
Studio 3
3:30-4:15pmBeg Tumbling (2x/mo)**JS
4:15-5:00pmInt Tumbling (2x/mo)**JS
5:00-5:45pmInt/Adv Tumbling (2x/mo)**JS
5:45-6:30pmAdv Tumbling (2x/mo)**JS
Studio 1
Studio 2
Studio 3
10:00-10:45amDPAC DollsYM