All Company

2023-24 Season

Adult Shoes
  • Bloch Jazz Shoe (on Amazon)
  • Capezio Women’s Canvas Pirouette Ii Dance Shoe (on Amazon)
  • Bloch Women’s Performa Dance Shoe (on Amazon)
  • Capezio Cadence Tap Shoe (on Amazon) OR
  • Bloch Sync Tap Show (on Amazon)
  • Syle: Mid-pony with diagonal part and sweeping bangs.
  • Use Suavecito or Super Olive styling gel and pins to keep hair slick.
  • Rubber bands (double-up) and bobby pins should match your dancer’s hair color
  • NO flyaways!!
Youth Shoes
  • Bloch Jazz Shoe (on Amazon)
  • DANCEYOU Pirouette (on Amazon)
  • Capezio Unisex-Child Juliet Ballet Shoe (on Amazon)
  • Capezio Unisex-Child Cadence Tap Shoe (on Amazon)
Makeup & Toolkit
  • Foundation, highlighter, blush, lashes, mascara & eye shadow, nude pallet.
  • Primer, make-up setting mist and make-up wipes.
  • Smokey brown eye. Do NOT use black eye shadow to smoke the eye, which looks too harsh on stage. Instead use shades of brown & gold.
  • Lipstick: Ruby Phew by Mac COLORSTAY
  • Additional toolkit items for the dressing room: Advil, bandaids, safety pins, KT tape, butt glue, heavy-duty fabric tape, q-tips, and eyelash glue, plus extra hair and makeup items for touchups if you don’t have your fill kit with you (rubber bands, bobby pins, lipstick, etc.)

Co-Stars Routines

CS Jazz: Google Me
  • Black & blue velvet top + One-leg bottom
  • Tan Bloch Super Jazz
CS Lyrical: A Million Dreams
  • White stoned & lace two-piece + White skirt
  • Tan Capezio Canvas Pirouette II Dance Shoe

Guest Stars Routines

GS Jazz: Click Clack
  • Black one-piece with pearl back
  • Tan Bloch Super Jazz
GS MT: Lights, Camera, CUT
  • Black & silver sequin one-piece pantsuit
  • Tan Bloch Super Jazz
GS Open: Ninja
  • Blue & metallic one-piece
  • Black Bloch Split Sole Tap

Large Group / Production Routines

Tap Productions: We Will Rock You
  • Studded vest + Black shiny leggings + Black tank with star
  • Black Bloch Split Sole Tap Shoes, lace-up
  • Polish shoes before competitions
HH Production: Bueller
  • Jogger pant + White shirt + Cheetah vest
  • White Boots

Producers Routines

P Jazz: Seven Nation
  • Black jeans + Star corset + Green Jacket
  • Sophie: Cape
  • Tan Bloch Super Jazz
Pr Open: So Good
  • Black flare pants + Black mock neck tank + Silver vest
  • Barefoot
Pr Contemp: One Person
  • Reversible Dress
  • Emma: White jeans + White top + Newspaper top
  • Tan Bloch Super Jazz
Pr Tap: Time is Now
  • Black Jeans + Black & gold top + Black & gold fan
  • Black Bloch Split Sole Tap, lace-up
  • Polish shoes before competitions
Pr Lyrical: He's My Son
  • White stoned one-piece
  • Sophie: two-piece
  • Tan Capezio Canvas Pirouette II Dance Shoe